Creating the Purpose Driven Life

By: San Diego Chiropractor

One of the things I have noticed after 18 years in practice is the people who have the greatest health have the greatest habits. I know that sounds basic as BJ Palmer said it best ‘health is common sense, it is just not that common.’ Those with the best habits generally have the greatest purpose or driving force pushing them forward.  As an example, I am sure we have all heard about people attaining super human strength when a car or heavy object is upon someone they love. They can dig deep and find this intense power to save a person or thing that they love deeply. They have, in that moment, incredible purpose.

What if we could tap into that purpose on a daily basis, even just a little bit of it. I would like to share with you some tips on tapping into that purpose each and every day of your life.  First off, wake up early. Early for some may not be early for others, my early is 4 am.  I think it is of the utmost importance to spend an hour waking your mind, exercising, filling your headspace with affirmations, meditating, whatever it is you need.  I have a purpose statement I say out loud to myself every morning. Creating a purpose statement for your life will give you that daily reminder on why you do what you do every day. Every top company has a mission statement so why not you. You are the CEO, CFO, and employees of your own life, are you not?  It is time we all know our own purpose.  ‘Mind over Mattress’ is a good morning mantra.

Second, make sure to stimulate your body every day with good food and exercise. There is no excuse for eating poorly.  I once heard that you can only eat one of two ways, either to nourish your body or to nourish your emotions. People who eat poorly are generally emotional eaters. It is very difficult to fulfill your life passion when you fill your vehicle with garbage. We need energy to move forward, exercise and good food give us that.

Create balance in your life. When people become so driven to a purpose they often forget to have balance in life. Vacations, downtime, naps, social outings, these all help us balance our lives. It is also difficult to fulfill a passion when one is burnt out. There are times to drive ahead and times to slow down for a bit.  Realize that these down times are not taking away from your purpose, they are only allowing you to refill the tank of life. This will enable you to recharge and move ahead.

When you can answer this question, truly dig deep and find the answer, you will find your purpose in life.  ‘Why do you want to be healthy?’