Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Marc Gottlieb and his team have over 20 years experience in the Chiropractic Profession. With his vast experience, Dr. Gottlieb has been able to develop the most advanced adjustment techniques allowing him to help people with many different conditions.

Some of the most common conditions see in our office are:

Neck/Back Pain, Sciatica, Headaches, Allergies/Sinus Problems, Digestive issues, Fertility Issues, Pediatric Conditions, Migraines, Blood Pressure Changes, Pregnancy Challenges, Knee/Leg Pain, Auto Accident Injuries and many more.

Because of the various conditions and many people seen in our office, we have developed the most gentle techniques to help our infant patients as well as our elderly patients. We focus on specific care for each individual person or families needs.

A chiropractic adjustment is a gentle and specific force delivered by our family chiropractor to spinal vertebrae to correct misalignment and relieve nerve interference. Chiropractors use a variety of adjusting techniques. Most commonly, the chiropractor uses his/her hands to deliver a quick pressure. Other times the chiropractor may use a slow constant pressure, while some use a specially designed instrument or table.

Dr. Gottlieb evaluates each patient’s unique spinal problem and determines the best chiropractic adjustment technique. Our chiropractic clinic includes state-of-the-art tables and adjusting tools allowing chiropractor Dr. Gottlieb to provide the best care for each of our chiropractic patients.

We focus on caring for the spine by analyzing the spine for misalignments and correcting them with spinal adjustments. The success with our patients is due to a combined effect of adjustments by our family chiropractor and each person’s ability to heal. Chiropractic does not cure disease or treat symptoms, chiropractic simply frees up the nervous system so the body can heal itself.

Pain Management

Due to Auto Accidents and Trauma

The medical profession has long known that trauma can cause significant misalignment of the spinal column, called subluxations. If a chiropractor does not correct this condition following significant trauma, it can lead to Degenerative Disc Disease. This condition can be debilitating as it affects your central nervous system. Chiropractic has long been the care of choice for trauma. Most people do not, however, realize that almost three-fourths of injuries are from repetitive stress to the body (such as working at a computer for long hours, repetitive lifting, bending, twisting, standing or sitting for extended periods without a break). These types of trauma also cause significant structural problems and major health concerns. It is imperative that all people who suffer acute or chronic injuries see a chiropractor for a chiropractic adjustment. You can also ask about our special sciatica nerve pain management program.

New Patient Exam - $39 Special Offer

When you schedule an exam with our family chiropractor, Dr. Marc Gottlieb, you will receive;


Full Orthopedic Exam




Full Neurological Exam


Computerized Spinal Analysis


Pain Assessment


X-Rays (If Necessary)

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