Pediatric Chiropractic

The words ‘baby’ and ‘chiropractor’ are not often said in the same sentence. As novel as it may sound, a baby chiropractor is not a small infant prodigy, who was born so skilled in the practice of chiropractic that the child was given their credentials as a chiropractor shortly after birth. We specialize in treating babies with misaligned spinal structures, sometimes known as a subluxation.

There are various factors that could lead to your baby’s misaligned spinal structure. First, the position of the baby when he/she was still inside the womb could have caused such injuries. Second, there are even times when neck misalignments happen during child birth. This can happen especially when the child was not born through the vaginal canal. The body of an infant is so tender that the bones and tissues can easily misalign even when slight unnatural force is applied, creating a need for realignment by a baby chiropractor very early in life.

Only a children’s chiropractor, a “baby chiropractor”, can treat this type of condition and bring relief to your child. Can you imagine the pain that your child is going through every time he/she cries in the middle of the night because of such an injury? The thing about these kinds of birth trauma is that some signs or symptoms cannot easily be detected until the child ages. This is not a great scenario because all the while, you are thinking that there is nothing wrong with your baby.

Some symptoms of spinal problems include nausea, lack of sleep, trouble breastfeeding, chronic baby ear infections, reflux, and you can even see that your child is always in his/her hyperactive stage. In relation to this, the child’s constant crying should give you a hint that there must be something wrong with him and that he needs to be brought to a baby chiropractor. Spinal problems like dislocated joints and fractured ligaments can be easily detected if such are grave but this is not the case when it comes to minor injury.

How Can A Baby Chiropractor Help?

Applying the right pressure and proper massage therapy on your baby’s bones can reverse the crisis and you will notice that your child will recover within a short period of time. A qualified and licensed baby chiropractor knows how to manipulate the spinal system and he can easily sense if a bone structure or any ligament has been torn or twisted. Take note that the health and well-being of your baby is very important and if you sense there is a problem you should not delay this course of action.

Once you become aware of your baby’s physical problem, you should let a qualified chiropractic doctor check on him or her. You just cannot let your child suffer from this kind of physical stress because that could bring other problems in the future. If you are still skeptical about this alternative form of medicine, it is a must that you browse through the web and read some reviews about children’s chiropractors and the advantages of having your infant undergo such non-invasive chiropractic therapy.

Not only is this treatment very safe and effective for babies; it is also the simplest and least expensive type of therapy. The moderate and tender family chiropractic technique can resolve this issue quickly without side effects. As parents, you are responsible for checking the attitude of your infant and if you see that the baby is not happy, becomes irritable or anxious, then it could be a sign that you may need the help of a baby chiropractor.

There are a lot of qualified and well-trained doctors of chiropractic medicine and if you are in the San Diego area,Marc Gottlieb, D.C. is one of the best baby chiropractors around. He also works with Dr. Mo has extensive training and experience in providing chiropractic care to pregnant women, babies, and children. He is certified in the Webster Technique, which is a mainstay in Pediatric Chiropractic care and especially useful for local women seeking a San Diego pregnancy chiropractor.

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