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What is a Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal Stenosis is a condition in which the spinal canal or areas between the vertebrae begin to narrow and compress the nerve root, and in severe cases the spinal cord. This condition can often cause neck and back pain, sciatica, muscle spams, nerve pain, numbness and tingling just to name a few symptoms. This stenosis occurs when the area a nerve exits becomes smaller and begins to put direct pressure on the nerves. As this condition worsens, it can actually lead to paraesthesia and even loss of motor control.

What causes Spinal Stenosis?

This condition is often associated with arthritis or degenerative disc disease. This advanced break down of spinal structure occurs when the disc and bone begin to breakdown over time causing surrounding tissue to deteriorate. Due to the fact this condition occurs over time, it is most common in people over 50 years of age, however, we have identified spinal stenosis in teenagers. A complex called the vertebral subluxation complex is the most common cause of the degeneration that leads to stenosis. This condition is when one or more vertebrae become fixated and don’t move normally. When this occurs, the tissues surrounding the vertebrae don’t receive the proper nutrition and begin to break down.

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What treatment options are there?

The most common medical approach is cortisone shots, often painful, and at worse case surgery. Research funded the the national institute of health show that exercise and chiropractic care are, in fact, better than drugs in treating spinal conditions such as stenosis. (1)  It is important to consider natural remedies first before considering invasive and often painful intervention. A well educated and trained chiropractor can assist with assessing this condition and creating the proper care plan for correction.

What symptoms are related to Spinal Stenosis?

Because 90% of the nerves in the human body have nothing to do with pain, stenosis can occur over time without any evident symptoms.  Similar to many conditions in the body, deterioration of the spinal column and nerve roots can occur for years without evident pain leading to a surprise when someone realizes their condition.  Most commonly, one will begin to experience pain mildly then moving to more advanced pain. Often times, medical intervention will provide temporary relief only later to find the pain return worse than before. Numbness, tingling, spinal pain, even headaches are just a few symptoms related to stenosis.  Once someone is able to properly address the underlying cause of a vertebral subluxation complex gone undetected for years, they can have significant changes and relief in their condition. Chiropractor are expert in locating, detecting, and correcting subluxations.

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