Baby ear infection is so common in my practice that I would like to share the latest example of a “baby ear infection remedy” that one mother discovered in this all to common condition. Recently I was standing outside in my neighborhood watching my children play and a good friend and neighbor asked me about her son Jack. You see, Jack is only 14 months old and has had multiple ear infections since he was born. In fact, the mother had mentioned that she had yet to take him to their Medical Doctor where he didn’t have an ear infection in one ear, let alone both ears at times. I explained that ear infections in children are common for one very significant overlooked condition. As we were talking, I went on to show her the anatomy of the ear. Kids ear canals are horizontal and grow more vertical as they get bigger. If there is an undiagnosed condition of a vertebral subluxation, the lymph system and muscular aren’t developing normally in the cervical spine (neck area) and fluid can continue to back up in the ear canal time after time. I asked her what the Medical Doctor had done and she told me that Jack was put on antibiotics several times. Well, this is when I got upset for Jack as the American Pediatric Association said years ago that antibiotics were no longer the proper protocol for children with ear infections as they had very little effect on helping them, if any effect at all. I also explained how antibiotics can cause candida as a side effect which in children can cause recurrent ear infections.

Now this is where it gets good. I went on to tell the mother of the effects chiropractic care can have on the subluxation allowing Jack’s body to go deep into self healing mode, and the fact that we have had hundreds of children in our office diagnosed with a “baby ear infection” whom we have helped. She was very open and fascinated at the information and asked when Jack could get his first adjustment. We set up a series of adjustments after our initial check of little Jack. Fast forward a few weeks and I received a message saying Jack went to his M.D. and both his ears were clear for the first time. I asked the mom if she gave away her secret of Pediatric Chiropractic care for the dreaded “baby ear infections.” She said that she mentioned it to the M.D. after the doctor said the medicine must have finally worked, and all the doctor could do was roll her eyes and shun the idea that Chiropractic could have any effect on Jacks condition. The mom, to this day, is so happy and feels as though Jack has his life back, he is a happier baby, sleeps better, is now walking where he was having difficulty, and best of all, he is off drugs that could have potential devastating side effects on his young life. See story of Wyatt Leamon at

We have children in our office every single day with ear infections, colic, reflux, inability to sleep well, digestive issues and many other common children’s ailments. Chiropractic for kids is designed to do one thing, help their bodies thrive in self-healing and self regulating. Once your child sees a ” baby chiropractor,” they begin to live full out at optimum levels of health giving them the best chance to live a healthy life. Jacks’ story is one of many I can tell in my almost fourteen years in practice.

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